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Free pattern to test knit: A Very Modern Monster

Well hello.

 Here's a free pattern I am hosting to be test-knit and then hopefully for-real knit for the 600 Monsters Strong for Connecticut project. Please knit and comment here if you encounter issues/have improvements for the pattern, or view the Ravelry group 600 Monsters Strong to comment there.

A Very Modern Monster

This monster can be made with lots of mod and color choices for a unique toy

Supplies: US 4 knitting needles (or whatever size needed to get gauge)
Approximately 200 yards worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle
Washable stuffing
Small amount of contrast-color waste yarn
Stitch marker/pin (optional)
Stitch holder (optional)
Crochet hook (optional)

Tension: 24 sts and 8 rows to 4 inches yields a monster ~11” tall. Larger yarn and needles are okay to use to make a larger monster, as long as you have a nice firm gauge.

Glossary: K: knit
CO: Cast on
Magic Cast on: see for a good tutorial on this cast on
* *: repeat the instructions between asterisks
KFB: knit in the front and back legs of the stitch to increase by 1 stitch
KFBF: knit in the front, back, and front leg again to increase by 2 stitches
SSK: Slip a stitch knitwise, slip a stitch purlwise, return stitches to left-hand needle, knit through the back loop for a left-leaning decrease
K2Tog: knit two stitches together for a right-leaning decrease
Rnd(s): Round(s)
Sl: Slip the stitch
PU: pick up stitches
RS: right side I-cord: Knit across sts, without turning work bring yarn back to right-hand side and knit, pulling firmly.
SK2PSSO: Slip 1,
K2Tog, Pass slipped stitch over for a decrease of 2 sts
BO: bind off

Body: Using Magic Cast on, CO 22 over both needles, which is 44 in the round.
Mark end of round with marker or pin if desired
K 1 rnd
Increase: *KFB, K19, KFB, K1* twice (48 sts)
K 2 rnds *KFB, K21, KFB, K1* twice (52 sts)
K 4 rnds *KFB, K23, KFB, K1* twice (56 sts)
K 4 rnds *KFB, K25, KFB, K1* twice (total 60 sts)
Knit 22 rounds or until piece measures ~4.5 inches.
Arm set-up row:
K 27, begin to knit with contrast color waste yarn: K6, Sl 6 sts back to left-hand needle, K 6 with working yarn. K until 3 sts before end of round. Using another piece of waste yarn, K 6. Sl 6 sts back to L needle, K 6 with working yarn, K to end of next round. K 17 rnds, or until piece measures ~7”.
If you want to make a tail, consider adding it here.
Decrease rnd: K1, SSK, K 24, K2Tog, K2, SSK, K 24, K2Tog, K1
K 2 rnds
K1, SSK, K 22, K2Tog, K2, SSK, K 22, K2Tog, K1
K 2 rnds
Break yarn, put body sts on waste yarn or other holder. (At this point, it is a good idea to add eyes and any mods to the top of the monster, weave in ends, and knit the arms)

Arms: Carefully pull out 1 st of waste yarn at a time, placing 6 bottom sts on one needle and 7 top sts on another as they become live. K 6 bottom sts, PU 1 st around the arm hole, K 7 top sts, PU 1 st, (15 sts). K 22 rnds, or ~3 in. *K2, K2Tog* around, (12 sts) K 1 rnd *K2, K2Tog* around, (9 sts) K 1 rnd Break yarn, draw tail through lives sts using yarn needle and secure. Repeat for arm 2. Weave in ends, stuff arms.

Legs: Should be 52 sts on waste yarn/holders. Starting at front center of monster, put 26 sts on needles (left leg). K 26 Using Cable Cast on, CO 8 sts and join in the round for leg (34 sts). K 4 rnds Knit around, decreasing 4 sts evenly spaced. K 27 rnds or until leg measures ~4 in. *K2, K2Tog* around (23 sts) K 2 rnds *K2, K2Tog* (18 sts) K 1 rnd *K2Tog* (9 sts) Break yarn, draw tail through and secure. Leg 2: Put remaining 26 sts on needles. K 26. PU 8 sts from top of leg 1, join in the round. Complete as for leg 1. Before binding off, stuff any remaining insides, weave in ends, etc.


Use these (or any other) cool mods to make your monster unique. Just remember to attach all extra parts securely for children’s safety!

Bow/Bowtie: CO 5
Rows 1-3: K
Row 4: K2Tog, K3 (4 sts)
Row 5: K2Tog, K2 (3 sts)
Row 6: K2Tog, K1 (2 sts)
Row 7: KFBF twice (6 sts)
Row 8: SK2PSSO twice (2 sts)
Row 9: K2 Row 10: KFB, K1 (3 sts)
Row 11: KFB, K2 (4 sts)
Row 12: KFB, K3 (5 sts)
Row 13-14: K BO

Antennae: Using a needle or crochet hook, PU 4 sts from monster head. Holding the RS facing, begin working in I-cord 8 rows (or more if desired). KFB 4 times. Knitting in the round again, k2 rnds. K2Tog 4 times. Break yarn, draw through live sts and secure. Repeat for a 2nd antenna.

Tail: To make a larger tail while knitting the monster body, use the same method for the arms. To set up, use a piece of contrast color waste yarn and knit 6-9 sts. Slip those sts to the left-hand needle, then knit them again with the main color. When it comes time to knit the tail, pull out the waste yarn and place the sts on needles. K in the round until tail reaches desired length. To make a tail after the fact (or a skinny tail) use the same method as the antennae.

 Pocket: Can be a plain pocket or mouth for the monster!
CO 12 sts
Row 1: P 1
Row 2: K1, KFB, K 8, KFB, K1 (14 sts)
Row 3: P
Row 4: K1, KFB, K 12, KFB, K 1 (16 sts)
Row 5: P 1 row
Rows 6-11: Work 6 rows in stockinette stitch
Row 12, 14: K1, (P2, K2) 3 times, P2, K1
Row 13, 15: P1, (K2, P2) 3 times, K2, P1 BO in ribbing.
Using matching yarn and yarn needle, stitch sides and bottom of pocket to monster, leaving top open.

Hey look! a Monster! hammer 015

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