Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Pattern

I've already shown this sweet baby outfit, but a request for the pattern has come in, so I will attempt it! My pattern notes are messy, so we'll see how it goes.

Melly's Baby Dress

US 4 Needles
Lion Brand Cotton Ease, 50/50 cotton and acrylic; my go-to for babies (I think I used one ball and change)
Aprox 4/4.5 sts/in

For the head I assumed 16.5" circumfrence for a newborn, and used an 18-19" chest measurement because babies are lumpy.

-Provisionally cast on 66 with provisional cast on of choice.
-Knit stockinette in the round for 2.5 inches, or so.
-Decrease as for regular hat (knitters choice: I use paired K2togs on alternating rows like in my circles in the square hats)
-Bind off!
-Pick up and knit all 66 sts of provisional cast on.
-first round: [K2, K2tog] (editorial: I don't know why I decreased here, but i'm assuming it was because the provisional cast on was way too loose, and this may be omitted if you have better skill than I)
-Knit 2 rows plain.
-Row four: K to 10 sts from the end, wrap and turn, K to 10 sts from the end, w&t.
-Row 5: Knit plain, picking up wraps.
-Row 6: K to 20 sts from the end, w&t, K to 20 sts from the end, w&t.
-Row 7: work as for row 5
-Row 8: K to 30 sts before end, w&t, K to 30 sts from end, w&t.
-Row 9: work as for row 5
Bin off loosely so the brim doesn't curl. Options here include applied I-cord or other stiff knitted border, knitter's choice.
Finishing: I stitched a decorative ribbon over my provisional cast-on area because it was sloppy looking. This is also an option!


-Starting at hem of dress, cast on 111.
-Lace pattern is Fir Cone lace from my stictionary:
WS rows: purl
RS rows 2-8: K1 [yo, k3, sk2p, k3, yo, k1] yo, k3, sk2p, k3, yo, k1.
RS Rows 8-16: K2tog [k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, sk2p] k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, ssk.
-Work at least 3 repeats, more if you are less lazy than me.
-1st work first row plain
-2nd row K2tog every 10 sts
-3rd row plain
-4th row K2tog every 10 sts (aprox 88 sts)
1 Eyelet row: [yo, K2tog, K2]
K plain stockinette for 10 rounds
(at this point my notes get fuzzy) BO 4 sts on each side of piece (for armholes) continue knitting plain for 4 more rounds for back (K back and forth, aprox 40 sts).
-place front sts on holders (aprox 40 sts)
-Bind off center 28 sts, leaving 6 on each side for straps. Work straps for 2.5 inches, place on holders.
-Knit front for 1.5 inches plain, working back and forth.
-Bind off center 28 sts (or however many are needed to make straps 6 sts wide), work straps until they match the back straps.
-Join using 3 needle bind off.

Finishing: at this point, the tunic can be worn as is. The eyelet row serves to showcase a pretty ribbon or strip of I cord. The neck of the tunic can have a pretty knit or crochet bind-off applied to it, as can the armholes. I did tiny cap sleeves using short rows, and evidence of them is nowhere in my notebook, so I'm not going to try!

Since I gave the garment as a gift last month, I don't have it to refer to. I hope this pattern works for you in the spirit which I intend it: not to be exact! The fudge factor is strong with me, so things rarely turn out exactly as planned!


melly~ said...

i sucked all the air out of the room at the cuteness then i saw the name!
must. knit. this.

Team Knit said...

totally adorable set!! thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

- Julie

funsize said...

thanks guys :)