Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Centurion Helm pattern

Baby Centurion Helm

For an approximately 16” head
Made with worsted acrylic, I used US 4 double-pointed needles
4.5 sts/in
Yarn needle

CO 42. Work flat in garter, 6 ridges or 1.5”, switch to stockinette. RS: K5, pm, K 32, pm, K5. WS: P5, K32, P5, etc. Once 2” of length is reached, cast on 28 across the “face” portion of the helmet by backwards loop cast-on and join in the round (70 sts total). Knit the 5 edge stitches in garter, the back of the head in stockinette to the 2nd marker, and then garter across the “face” portion. Continue in this manner until 6 ridges have been completed above the face portion, knit all stitches until hat measures 4” tall from the face portion on up. Decrease according to your preferred method. I divide the stitches into 4 (more or less since the total st count isn't divisible by 4) and do *rnd 1: K to 2 before marker, ssk, slip marker, k2tog* around, then rnd 2: knit. When 8 sts remain, cut yarn and draw through stitches, secure.

For the eyepiece:

CO 38. Knit 4 rows stockinette, ending with wrong side. (if using long tail cast on, you will only need 3 rows). Next row, knit each live stitch together with the cast-on stitch of that column, forming a welt. Knit a few rows, on one RS row, k3, Make bobble, K to 4 stitches remaining, make bobble, K 3. (I made my bobble by Kfbf in the same stitch, turning, purling 3, and then Sl1, K2tog, psso to bring it back to 1 stitch). K 2 rows. Begin to short row: K to 3 sts from edge, work preferred short row method, p to 3 from edge, short row. K to 3 from short row, p to 3 from short row, etc. Repeat until 20 sts remain un-short-rowed. K 1 row, picking up wraps or closing short rows in your preferred manner. Knit in garter for a few rows, bind off. Use tails to attach eyepiece to helm (it shouldn’t move much).

For ridge (panache-ish):
I didn’t take good notes here.

CO approximately 25 sts. Knit flat in stockinette for ~1”. Purl a turning ridge. Knit in stockinette for 1”. Bind off leaving long tail. Use tail to attach ridge to helm.

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